What You Need to Know about Online Casino Tournaments 22 February 2024

Online casinos have a variety of games for players to have fun and accumulate some wins. To add to the experience, online casinos have tournaments where players can accumulate points and win prizes.

Online casino tournaments are events hosted by the casino, software developer or both. They allow players to accumulate points and compete against each other for prizes. Prizes are awarded based on the position on the leaderboard. The prize winners may be 10 or more and the prizes get bigger the higher a player is on the leaderboard.

In this article, you will learn about the different types of online casino tournaments and the features you need to pay attention to before taking part. 

Online Casinos Tournaments

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Types of Online Casino Tournaments


Slots are easily the most popular game at casinos with a variety of themes. At slot tournaments, players play and accumulate points based on how much they win. They may receive more points for slot games with multipliers and high payouts.


Similarly, table tournaments reward players with points. The kind of games you can play at table tournaments include blackjack and roulette. While many table games are available at most casinos, some are exclusive to live casinos and virtual table games.


To play in poker tournaments, you need a buy-in to purchase chips. The casino hosts poker players in poker rooms where they participate in elimination events to collect points.

Software provider

Software providers host tournaments for casino games at their partner casinos. Some of the tournaments may be at multiple casinos at the same time.

Major Features of Online Casino Tournaments


Before entering a tournament, you should be aware of the different rules for each type of tournament. More so, you should understand that rules are stricter for casino-hosted tournaments compared to software-provider-hosted tournaments.

Some of the conditions players need to understand before joining a tournament include chips and funds, prizes and maximum stakes.

Points system

As you play in a tournament, you accumulate points. The number of points a player has determines their position on the leaderboard which determines what kind of prize they can get.

Games with low RTP reward players with more points since they are riskier.


Players in online casino tournaments are ranked by points on the leaderboard. The position of a player may change along the timeframe of the tournament. Their final position on the leaderboard determines the kind of prize they get.


Every tournament has a specific time over which it is played. Tournaments can be either short or longer-term. The timeframe determines the size of the prize.

Longer-term tournaments have larger prizes than shorter-term tournaments.


Online casinos go the extra mile to add to the fun experience by adding tournaments. Tournaments allow players to win big and see how well they rank against other players.

Before joining a tournament, players need to get familiar with the conditions including timeframes, points system, leaderboard, and rules.



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